Scientific Programme

Wednesday 10th May
18.00-18.30: PP Tak (Amsterdam) Targeted therapies for arthritis and related disorders
18.30-19.00 C Evans (Pittsburgh) Gene therapy for arthritis

19.00-22.00:Reception and Banquet

Thursday 11th May
Session I: Vectors for gene therapy
Moderators: P Robbins and H Haisma
09.00-09.30: P Monahan (Chapel Hill) AAV serotypes
09.30-10.00: S Ghivizanni (Boston) In vivo delivery methods to the rat joint

10.00-10.30: coffee break

Session II: Inducible promoters
Moderators: T Huizinga and M Vervoordeldonk
10.30-10.55: F van de Loo (Nijmegen) Inflammation-responsive promoters
10.55-11.20: D Gould (London) Regulated gene expression in arthritis
11.20-11.45: F Apparailly (Montpellier) Inducible gene expression in artrhritis
11.45-12.10: F Fallaux (Amsterdam) Adenoviral vectors for gene therapy

12.10-13.15 Lunch break/poster viewing

Session III: Therapeutic applications
Moderators: S Gay and P Anklesaria
13.15-13.40: BJ Baum (Bethesda) Gene Therapy for Sjögren’s syndrome
13.40-14.05: C Jorgensen (Montpellier) siRNA to target TNF
14.05-14.30: M Vervoordeldonk (Amsterdam) Local gene therapy using AAV for targeting TNFalpha and overexpressing IFNbeta

14.30-15.00 break

15.00-15.25: N Bessis (Paris) Immune responses to gene therapy vectors: influence on therapeutic gene transfer in rheumatoid arthritis
15.25-15.40: S Veenbergen (Nijmegen)Gene transfer of a natural short form of the IL-18 receptor accessory proetin as immunomodulator in experimental arthritis
15.40-15.55: S Vessillier (London)Genetic engineering of latent peptides for therapy of arthritis

15.55-16.15 coffee break

Sesion IV: Target discovery and signaling pathways
Moderators: F Fallaux and BJ Baum
16.15-16.45:R Brys (Mechelen) Target discovery using siRNA
16.45-17.15: B Foxwell (London) Analysis of signaling pathways using gene transfer

Friday 12th May
Session V: Cartilage and bone healing
Moderators: C Evans and W van den Berg
8.30-8.55:T Pap (Munster) The role of synovial fibroblasts in mediating joint destruction
08.55-09.20: E Schwarz (Rochester) Revitalization of bone allografts
09.20-09.45: T Huizinga (Leiden) Gene therapy in prosthesis loosening
09.45-10.10: H Madry (Homburg) Gene therapy for cartilage repair
10.10-10.25: F van de LooAdenoviral gene-transfer with SOCS3 in chondrocytes causes desentization towards IGF-I

10.25-10.55: coffee break

Moderators: F van de Loo and J Lieberman
10.55-11.20: O Boerman (Nijmegen) Scintigraphic Reporter Gene Imaging: Seeing is Believing
11.20-11.55: R Müller (Zürich) Microtomographic imaging

Session VII: Immunomodulation via DC and T cells
Moderators: U Mueller-Ladner and Y Chernajovsky
11.55-12.15: P Plence (Montpellier) Modulation of experimental arthritis by immature dendritic cells
12.15- 12.40:P Robbins (Pittsburgh)Immunomodulation via DC-derived exosomes
12.40-13.00: I Tarner (Giessen) DC gene transfer

13.00-14.00 Lunch break/poster viewing

Session VIII: Stem cells
Moderators: C Jorgensen and E Schwarz
14.00-15.25: FP Luyten (Leuven) Cell-based therapies in musculoskeletal disease:from bench to bedside
14.25-14.50: S Vanderbyl (Vancouver) Artificial chromosomes
14.50-15.15: Y Chernajovsky (London) Engineering mesenchymal stem cells for targeting and committed differentiation to cartilage
15.15-15.30: D Noël Suppression of cbfa1 expression in mesenchymal stem cells by ant1-cbfa1 siRNA blocks osteoblastic development, but does not affect chondogenesis
15.30-15.45: D Mrugala Characterization of ovine mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow:application for the development of a cartilage repair model

15.45-16.15: Tea break

Sesion IV: Clinical trials
Moderator: PP Tak
16.00-16.30: JA Kuivenhoven (Amsterdam) Gene therapy for LPL deficiency
16.30-17.00: P Anklesaria (Seatlle) AAV-TNFR:Fc clinical trial in RA
17.00: Closing remarks

Farewell Dinner 19.30-24.00